June 21, 1999

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, June 21, 1999. Messrs. Patten, Holloway, Houtman, MaryAnna Ralph and Kathleen Howley were present and the minutes approved as submitted.


Ms. Howley reported the following:

Attended a Leadership Conference in Langhorne, PA June 14 & 15.

Mr. Patten stated the tax deadline for next year has been changed to February 1st.

Nextel has informed us that they will be transferring the rights to the cellular tower to an affiliated. Mr. Patten has written them a letter asking for certificate of insurance. Ms. Howley has contacted them requesting confirmation of their 4% rental increase to us which was to take place last September.

The Board authorized expenditure of $2770 for the restoration of the Dawson Mill by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Howard.

A letter was received from PennDot stating that the ball bank test had been completed for Rt. 52 and the speed limit of 40 MPH is adequate.

Ms. Howley will contact PennDot regarding the right turn onto Rt. 1 from the lower end of Old Baltimore Pike.

Mr. Orenshaw did pay the township $500.00 on June 10, 1999 as stipulated in the court order. He also submitted applications for land disturbance permits for his Hillendale and Stirling Way properties. These have been referred to Mr. Houtman.

ROADMASTER - Dave Allen reported that they are continuing to mow road banks and cut back brush from signs. They are also preparing the roads to oil and chip which will be done sometime in July. The Traffic Safety Committee asked if road signs on township roads can be different than the standard ones if the residents would pay for them. It was agreed that the signs must conform to PennDot standards.

CODE ENFORCEMENT - Rusty Drumheller reported he issued 9 zoning and 10 building permits (5-new housing) during May. He also shot driveways with Matt Houtman which will be covered under his report. Met with Chadds Ford West and they said they will clean up the "dump" area within the next 2 months and close off the road leading into this area.


Matt Houtman reported the following:

Mr. Orenshaw resubmitted an applications for a land disturbance permit for his Hillendale Road property and his home on Stirling Way in Chadds Ford Knoll. I have reviewed the

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June 21, 1999

Hillendale Road submission and sent a letter to the township regarding the deficiencies in the application. A copy of this letter was sent to Mr. Orenshaw by certified mail 6/21/99.

Have made site visits to the Chadds Ford Baptist Church and advised them on their fill operation. They have been responding and getting things done on a timely basis.

Driveway grades - submitted a letter addressing the grades on various driveways throughout the township. Several driveways have been put in above the 15% grade allowance. This is becoming a problem which we are following.

Issued two land disturbance permits - Herdeg for the relocation of a driveway and Bartolli for a lot being developed in Courts at Longwood.

McFadden driveway - issued a letter to him but have not heard back.

Will contact Mr. Lerro in Hamorton Wood regarding his drainage problems.

Emergency Management - Reese Reynolds reported that PennDot should be made aware of the low clearance for trucks at the intersection of Parkersville Road and Rt. 926. Also discussed was the possibility of getting more detailed accident reports from the state police. Ms. Howley will look into this.


George Asimos Sr and Architect John Rosencrans were present and submitted the Master Plan for the renovations of the township building. Mr. Rosencrans gave a brief synopsis of his report and stated the plan does include bringing the building up to code and ADA compliant. The plan is divided into Phase I and Master Plan. Mr. Holloway thanked Messrs. Asimos and Rosencrans for their work and asked Mr. Rosencrans to provide a fee estimate for the two phases in letter form. It was concluded that restoration was less costly than new construction for this type of buidling. It was noted that public work projects must use prevailing wages. After receipt of this letter, the supervisors will determine what part of the project will be authorized.

SANFORD SUBD. - Mr. Patten submitted revised plans addressing issues in question from the last meeting and stated everything was taken care of. The previous signed plans were discarded and the revised plans signed by the Board. It was noted that the plans have to be notarized and signed by the owner before recording. A letter will be sent to Mr. Sanford advising him he must refer back to the original subdivision of Jenks dated 4/1/96 and revised 10/22/96 for driveway improvements when lots 2 & 3 are developed.


A letter was received from Pennoni Assoc. reviewing the request for a waiver of the steep slope on an existing lot. The proposed driveway will have a 22% slope. The Board agreed with the lot owner, Mr. Bowersox, as to his reasons for wanting to relocate the driveway. However, issues in the Pennoni letter must be addressed before coming to a conclusion. The Board asked

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June 21, 1999

Mr. Bowersox to go back and discuss the letter with Mr. Clark (developer) and see if they can't come up with an acceptable solution. We will discuss this at the July 6th meeting.

Margot Taylor wrote the township a letter regarding the landscaping at the Courts of Longwood. A copy will be sent to the developer (S&S Building) in order for them to address the issues. A copy has been sent to Pocopson Township.

Special Exception Amendment - approved at the last meeting was signed by the Board. Comments from the County Planning Commission were received and addressed.


The 2 lot subdivision was submitted to the Board for approval. Matt Houtman's letter was addressed along with Chester County Plan. Com. comments. The Township Planning Commission recommended approval conditioned upon a positive review from the County and the engineer's letter being sufficiently addressed. The County Health Dept. has reviewed the plans and their review sent to DEP. With no further discussion the Board approved and signed the plans.

It was noted that the Zoning Hearing Board meeting for the YMCA is scheduled for July 13, 199 at 7:30 P.M. in the township building. The Board will discuss their position at the July 6, 1999 meeting.

A letter was received from Daniel Nolan requesting a permit to travel Cossart Road. Ms. Howley will look into this.

A bill list dated June 21, 1999 numbering 1158-1224 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board.

With no further business the meeting adjourned at 10:15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager