October 4, 1999

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, October 4, 1999. All members, Mr. Patten and Ms. Howley were present and the minutes approved as submitted.


Ms. Howley reported the following:

Talked to Lee Whitmore at the County Planning Commission regarding the COMAQ program. He advised me that these funds are for "clean air" projects and the project for a parallel road to Rt. 1 behind the township building would have a better chance for funding under the PennDot 12 Year Program.

Budget meeting date is set at October 28th at 9 A.M.

Attended the Keystone Grant Seminar last week in Plymouth Meeting Township. Will be submitted another grant application for a master site plan for the park. Mr. Reynolds signed the resolution for the grant.

There will be a meeting with Chadds Ford Township regarding emergency management on October 7th at 9 A.M.

The next YMCA zoning meetings are set for October 13 & 14 at the Hillendale School.

CCATO Fall dinner meeting is set for November 18th at the Desmond. The supervisors, solicitor, manager and engineer will attend.

The next newsletter will go out mid October. The leaf program is scheduled to start October 15th through November 13th and the chipping week will be November 15th.


Dave Allen reported the following:

Completing the final mowing of road banks for the season. Will be regrading some swales along township roads to help with drainage.

John Hanrahan will be doing an eagle scout project in the park - extending the existing fencing around the pond. Scouts did a good job of cleaning up the park after the hot air balloon festival.

Received a request to erect "no parking" signs along Hickory Hill and Hillendale Road near the Hillendale School. During special events at the school, cars are parked along the road and creates a hazard. Supervisors approved this and the ordinance will be advertised for the October 18th meeting. The school will also be advised that for special events they should provide for traffic control.

Salt bids will be opened October 6th by the Co-op.

Talked to Mr. Swayze regarding the drainage problem on his property. Mr. Holloway stated he also talked to Mr. Swayze. Matt Houtmann had looking into this situation a few years ago and will fax Mr. Holloway his letter on it. It does not appear to be a problem

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October 4, 1999

that the township is responsible for. The supervisors will inspect this during their Fall

road inspection on Oct. 16th.


Matt Houtmann reported the following:

Ponds Edge - received a call from Mr. McKay who is responsible for getting the road dedicated to the township. Mr. Filler is no longer associated with this development. He will meet with him on Oct. 7th to go over the remaining items that need to be addressed before dedication to the township.

Will write a letter to Jack Becker stating he should have the fencing installed at Hillhurst which delineates the open space area.

Mr. Orenshaw has been given a land disturbance permit for his property on Hillendale Road per his plan submitted. According to Dave Patten, the injunction against the property is now lifted.

Mr. Patten will check with Jay March regarding the status of the road dedication for Whitestone Farm. He still owes the township money.

Mr. Patten will follow up with Brintons Bridge Corp. regarding the extension of the letter of credit on the Spano project. He will also follow up with Courts at Longwood regarding the driveway agreement for lots 15 & 16.

Code Enforcement Officer, Russell Drumheller reported he issued 5 zoning and 6 building permits during the month of September. Mr. Geewax is progressing with his restoration project on the barn at Chadds Peak. Sent a certified letter to Mr. Pettinaro of Chadds Ford West regarding the clean up of the dump on his property.

Emergency Management, Reese Reynolds reported that there will be a meeting with Chadds Ford Township on Oct. 7th at 9 A.M. Chester Co. Emergency Mgmt. Director Ed Atkins will meet with the township on October 28th at 8 A.M. in the township building to discuss emergency management procedures.

Tom Johnson was present and requested clarification on the following points in our ordinances:

How many lots will he be allowed if he turns his home into a bed & breakfast. The Board advised him he cannot use the open space and bed & breakfast ordinances. It has to be one or the other. If he uses the B&B ordinance he can get 16 units in the B&B and possibly have one lot left over. They cannot say for sure until he submits a plan.

He stated that PennDot has taken some of his land for their right of way. He does not feel this is fair.

If he has a B&B can he use this facility for art shows, conferences, etc. The Board

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October 4, 1999

advised him he cannot start to expand the uses at the B&B. This was not the intent of the


A bill list dated October 4, 1999 numbering 1376-1430, State Funds #124, 126 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board.

With no further business the meeting adjourned at 10:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager