November 15, 1999

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, November 16, 1999. Messrs. Reynolds, Patten, MaryAnna Ralph and Kathy Howley were present and the minutes approved as submitted.


Ms. Howley reported the following:

Paul Kaniefski has resigned from the Planning Commission because of work and family commitments. The Board moved to appoint Larry Anderson to the Planning Commission effective immediately.

A request was received from David Shields of the Brandywine Conservancy on behalf of the Laird Family for a conditional use hearing regarding their recently submitted subdivision. The subdivision proposes to use the open space design option. The Board scheduled the hearing for December 2nd.

Reminded the Board of the Planning Seminar on December 4th and the Holiday Open House at the township building on December 5th.


David Allen reported the following:

Line painting has been completed. Branch chipping is being done this week throughout the township.

Drain pipe was installed on Chandler Road last week. Will repave sometime within the next two weeks. When chipping is done, will put salt spreaders on trucks and get ready for winter weather.

It was suggested by the Board that the water in the township building should be tested for content.

Matt Houtmann, Township Engineer, reported that he has had contact with Mr. McKay regarding the Ponds Edge dedication. A letter has been sent to him stating outstanding items to be completed before dedication. Mr. Patten received a request from Mr. McKay for a 6 month extension for completion of items. The Board approved this. Matt also reported that he has inspected the Herdeg property for land disturbance. Everything looks good and they are completing the relocation of the driveway.

Reese Reynolds reported that the emergency lights did not work during the power outage during the storm on election night. It was suggested to Mr. Allen that the lights be checked periodically and look into how we can use the township generator for lighting when something like this happens.

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November 15, 1999

Mr. Roger Arthur was present and also wrote a letter to the Board regarding a drainage problem he is having on his property. He states the water runs across Constitution Drive onto his driveway and runs down the side creating erosion. Mr. Allen stated that it looks like the driveway was put in and not built up property along the side. Mr. Arthur suggested the gutters need to be repaired and the crown of the road built up to prevent water flowing onto his property. The Board asked Mr. Allen to suggest some solutions to this problem and come back to the Board to discuss.

Dawson Mill - Mr. Reynolds reported he wrote a letter to Mrs. Dawson stating that she should replace the mill roof at her expense per Rob Howard's specifications. We will reimburse her the cost when the property transfers to us. However, if this does not happen, the township will reimburse her the difference between a "standard" roof replacement vs a restored roof.


Mr. Patten reported he and Mr. Bill Wood did visit the Vernon Bailey property. Mr. Wood will submit an appraisal on the property. Larry Andersen reported he had talked to Bill Wood regarding the Felix property. Bill will have the paper work done soon on this.

The road barriers on Rt. 1 by the Gables are down. Ms. Howley reported she had contacted PennDot about this and will do so again.

Mr. Reynolds stated he did get a message from Elaine Elbich of PennDot saying the ROW division of PennDot will have to schedule their meeting with the township. However, it is PennDot feeling that this process will not get done faster if the township decides to do it. Mr. Reynolds commented that we still want to understand the process and wish to meet with the ROW division. PennDot stated funding is available for the Rt. 926 & Parkersville Road project and it is scheduled to be let November, 2000. The township would like to see the project done with the "S" curve project during next year's construction season.

A bill list dated November 15th numbering 1431-1524, State Fund 127-129 were submitted and approved for payment. With no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:40 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager