January 4, 2000

Judge Lawrence Wood administered the oath of office to the following newly elected officials:

William Holloway - supervisor

Joann Updegrave - tax collector

Adelaide Jones - auditor

Donald Altmaier - auditor


William Holloway nominated William Reynolds as Chairperson of the Board of Supervisors, MaryAnna Ralph seconded the motion - motion carried. MaryAnna Ralph nominated William Holloway for Vice-Chair, motion was seconded and carried. The following announcements were made:

Kathleen Howley - township manager, secretary/treasurer

Matt Houtmann - engineer

Russell Drumheller - code enforcement officer

David Allen - roadmaster

Lawrence Anderson - planning commission member replacing Paul Kaniefski

Solicitor - David Patten

John Blankenbaker - vacancy board

Constable - replacement to be announced

Chester Co. SPCA - animal control officer

Joann Updegrave - tax collector

Berkheimer Assoc. - deputy tax collector

Auditors - Ed Southerling, Donald Altmaier, Adelaide Jones

School Board Members - Ed Wandersee, Steve McClaskey, Bruce Swayze

Newsletter Editor - Shirley Christensen

Township Depository - People's Bank of Oxford

Emergency Svcs - Longwood Vol. Fire Co., Longwood Ambulance

Police - State Police, Avondale

Township Building Hours - 8:30-1:30 P.M. Monday through Thursday

Appointed Auditing Firm - Tim Umbreit, CPA

The meeting was called to order by William Holloway. Present were David Patten, MaryAnna Ralph and Kathy Howley. The minutes were approved a submitted.

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January 4, 2000


Ms. Howley reported the following:

General Code has completed the codification of our ordinances and sent all books. The large hard bound book is $85.00, soft spiral $17.00 and binder is $25.00. I will go over all materials sent and advise our next step. Copies of the book has been sent to the Chester Co. Law Library, Temple Law and Jenkins Law Library. All township officials will receive a new book for their personal use.

The township received a letter from Victoria Leborn regarding her property and the 926 & Parkersville Road project. A copy was given to Mr. Anderson who will respond in writing to her. Mr. Anderson has tried to meet with her but has been unsuccessful.

The township has received a letter from Septrasite requesting our approval for the collocation of Omnipoint on the cellular tower. The Board has no problem with this. However, Dave Patten will check the lease and get back to us before signing the agreement.

George Asimos Jr suggested the township investigate a strobe in the red traffic signal for better visibility in light of the recent fatalities on Rt. 1 and Ponds Edge Drive. Dave Allen will research the cost of this and the new LED light being used on major highways and report back to the Board.

The next township meeting will be Tuesday, January 18, 2000.

There were no Y2K problems in the township over the new year.

The next newsletter will go out before the end of the month. If anyone has anything to add please submit to the office within the next week.

It was suggested to post signs at the park for "leased dogs". The township does have a leash law which will be enforced if dogs are not leased in the park. Mr. Allen will have these signs erected and the ordinance cited.

Will contact PennDot for the third time with regard to the broken flexible barriers on Rt. 1 in front of the Gables Restaurant. Also will discuss with them the unprotected left hand turn going west on Rt. 1 into the old Sinton property.


Rusty Drumheller reported the following:

1. The township received a letter from Mr. Altmaier regarding the traffic going into the

Gables Restaurant from Brintons Bridge Road. The gate between the Victorian House

and the restaurant remains open. Rusty reported he just issued the CO for the second

floor of the restaurant so there should be no more construction and the gate closed at

all times. He will talk to Mr. McFadden about the traffic using the Brintons Bridge

Road driveway and the posting of signs. Mr. Patten will check to see how long he has for

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January 4, 2000

the special exception on the Victorian House.

Was asked to inspect the Kasowski property for compliance to our ordinances with regard to occupancy of the tenant houses and businesses conducted on the property. Rusty will check with Ben Cialini on this.

Issued 4 zoning and building permits during December. Issued 79 building permits during 1999.

Just received the HVAC plans for the Geewax barn. The plans change regularly but continue to struggle to work with the contractor.

Filed a citation against Brandywine Antiques for the parking of their truck at the White Barn.

Emegency Management - Reese Reynolds reported he has not heard from the County Emergency Management office for a date on our next meeting. Will continue to pursue this. We did go on alert over the weekend and Chairman William Reynolds was notified of this.


William Reynolds signed the contact with The Flynn Group as the appraiser for the Rt. 926 & Parkersville Road project.

The following organizations will be asked for their fee scheduled for 2000. These fees may be passed onto the applicants during a subdivision/land development review process: Conservation Advisors, Brandywine Conservancy, Tatman & Lee and Houtmann & Sons.

The notes of testimony are completed for the Laird Conditional Use hearing. Mr. Patten will draft the decision for the next meeting.

Mr. McKay of Ponds Edge and Jay March of Whitestone Farms has contacted Mr. Patten for a final inspection of the roads. Mr. Houtmann will be asked to arrange this.

Mr. Holloway reported he had visited the Swayze property on Wedgwood Drive. Mr. Holloway stated that township work should be restricted to our right of way and no work should be done on private property. Even though our intentions are honorable, this may backfire. The Swayzes have a drainage problem which they claim the township had created and the swale may not be working properly. Messrs. Houtmann and Allen will make an inspection of the property on January 6th.

A 4% salary increase was approved for 2000 for David Allen and Kathleen Howley.

A bill list dated Jan. 4th numbering 1604-1639 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board. With no further business the meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley, Township Manager