January 18, 2000

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Tuesday, January 18, 2000. Messrs. Holloway, Patten, Reynolds, Houtmann and Ms. Howley were present and the minutes approved as submitted.


Rusty Drumheller reported the following:

Father Nature did not receive a violation notice since their signs were removed.

Clark driveway off of Hickory Hill Road - when issuing the CO noticed the driveway to be too steep. Mr. Houtmann and I measured the driveway and found it to be 21% slope which exceeds our ordinances. Mr. Clark and the new homeowner were present to ask the Board for a waiver. After some discussion the Board stated the applicant must show a hardship before they would consider this. Otherwise, the driveway must be taken out and done right. Mr. Houtmann suggested Mr. Clark lay out the proposed drive according to our ordinances to show the Board the potential impact and make a decision on the waiver then. The Board agreed to go out to the site when this was done - probably not until the spring when the weather is better.


Dave Allen reported the following:

Investigated the cost of installing strobe lights and changing the red lense to LED for all traffic signals in the township. The cost for strobe and LED is $4880 Fairville Rd., $4360 Ponds Edge Drive, $4100 Township Drive. For strobe only the cost if $2040 per intersection. LED does save energy. If a bulb goes out, the light continues to operate. Mr. Allen recommended we do Fairville Road and Ponds Edge Drive this year and the other intersections the following years. The Board would like to study this further and suggested this be brought to the attention of the Planning Commission for their comments.

Signs have been order for the park regarding leashed dogs.

PennDot did replace posts in middle of Rt. 1 near the Gables restaurant.

Met with Matt Houtmann to inspects several properties - Arthur, Swayze and Raintree Rd.

Cossart Road detour signs have been vandalized over the weekend. They have been replaced.

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January 18, 2000


Mr. Houtmann reported the following:

Inspected the Swayze property. It was determined that their water problem is a direct result of the swale being taken out of their driveway by the repaving of it. The Board agreed to open up the swale across the road in order to direct the flow of water into the pipe and deposit a load of top soil on the Swayze property for their use. The road berm already there will be built up more to direct the flow of water.

Inspected the Arthur property. Again, the water problem is being caused by the installation of a new driveway. Mr. Reynolds will talk to Mr. Arthur about this. In the meantime, it was suggested we could build up the crown of the road to help water flow and put in some sod along Mr. Arthur's driveway where his property meets the road. Matt and Dave and research a comprehensive plan to redo the gutters and roads in the Knoll.

Hillspring Road - the drainage in one spot may need to be taken care of before consideration for takeover by the township. Also, the property on the right side leaving the road going onto Rt. 52 needs to have the sight distance improved. Matt will meet with Bill Holloway to discuss this further.

There are two items left before dedication of Whitestone Farm. Jay March has been notified. When this is completed, the township can take over the road.

Reese Reynolds reported that he had been burglarized over the weekend. John McNamara is trying to set up a meeting with the county for the first week in February. Ms. Howley must talk to Dutch Eichorn of PennDot regarding a "no left turn" sign at Brintons Bridge Rd. and Rt. 1 going south. The street name North Ridge is spelled with two words.


Mr. Patten will advertise the ordinance for the new code books for February 21st meeting. Mr. Reynolds suggested the supervisors get together to go over the books and any changes made.

The Omnipoint lease was signed by the township and sent back to Spectrasite. The monthly revenue will be $750.00.

The Laird conditional use decision was approved by the Board and will be signed when Mrs. Ralph returns on Thursday, Jan 20th.

Staves proposed subdivision - the Board stated they would not support making a non-conforming lot by moving the lot line. They suggested the applicant consider bumping out the lot line only around the garage in order to place the garage all on one lot.

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January 18, 2000

Larry Anderson reported he sent a letter to Victoria Leborn and is having some dialogue with her regarding the acquisition of her right of way on Rt. 926 & Parkersville Road. We are meeting with the appraiser on Friday, Jan. 21st. He asked Mr. Patten if there is a form for each property owner to sign off on. He hopes to complete the process by February 1st.

A bill list dated January 18th numbering 1640-1667 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board.

The meeting concluded at 9:20 and an executive session was called at 9:25 P.M. to discuss the YMCA's request for a special exception.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager