April 3, 2000

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, April 3, 2000. All members were present and the minutes approved as submitted.


Cpl. O'Connor of the PA State Police in Avondale gave a presentation on collision analysis and reconstruction. He explained that his job is to reconstruct a fatal accident

and report on it to the state and in court. During the first quarter of 2000, 42% of the calls received by the police were false alarms and 911 hang ups. The police can issue citations for false alarms after three per year. Right now the barracks is at full compliment but more troopers are needed in this area since it has grown.


Cossart Road has been temporarily closed for one year and the Board discussed with residents present the opening of the road. It is a public road maintained by taxpayers. The closing of the road has helped to reduce incidents on it however, with the warm weather, this is picking up.

Jack Jones of Shadow Lane stated that he also gets vandalism and objects to the closing of a road at least in principle. He views this as giving in to the vandals and does not agree to it. Terry Brewer commented that there has been drug dealing, harassment and vandalism at Cossart on a daily basis. It was agreed by all residents and Board that we must break the cycle. John Dennison of Fairville Road has the same problems as Cossart Road residents and he asked when and where should be draw the line for closing roads. He believes there should be a more equitable solution.

The problems have subsided since the road has been closed. The Board agreed in order to assure the cycle is broken, the road will remain temporarily closed until January, 2001. They encouraged residents to also contact Townwatch for patrolling and have troopers in force patrolling the road at high points i.e. prom, graduation etc. Hal Haskell would also like to see other property owners along the road to clean up the graffiti. This would discourage continued vandalism.


Ms. Howley reported the following:

Wrote a letter to Dutch Eichorn of PennDot regarding the unprotected left turns at the Sinton property, signage for Knoll Hill on Rt. 1 for right hand turns into the Knoll and the yellow delineators by the Gable Restaurant being destroyed.

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April 3, 2000

The Zoning Hearing Board granted variances to Ruane, Post and will continue the hearing with Cattie. Courts at Longwood has applied for a variance for a home that is encroaching on the side yard setback. Cattie and Courts at Longwood will be heard April 19th at 7:30 P.M. in the township building.


Dave Allen reported the following:

The Coop opened bids for materials and labor - oil prices have gone up slightly.

Conducted a spring road inspection with supervisors. The Chadds Ford Knoll is scheduled to be done. It was noted that driveway swales are being paved over creating a drainage problem. Township residents will be notified about this.

Code Enforcement Officer Rusty Drumheller reported he issued 6 zoning and building permits during March. He will be issuing a citation for the commercial truck being parked on Raintree Road. Attended a session on the new state building code March 23rd. Regulations may be in place by the year 2003. The land disturbance permit for the lot in Fern Hill having work done on steep slope must be filed. Rusty will call the engineering firm doing the work to inquire of its status. Mud went onto Parkersville Road with the last rain storm. This work needs to be completed. Rusty suggested some type of as built plan be filed when a home is finished being built. Dave Patten will work with Rusty on drafting something for the subdivision ordinance. Complaints have been received on the parking of cars for sale at the entrance of the Knoll. Rusty will contact the property owner.

Emergency Management - Reese Reynolds reported on the meeting held on March 29th at the township building with county emergency management personnel, PennDot, neighboring townships and police. Procedures for road closing on Route 1 during floods was discussed. It was suggested that a sign board be obtained for alerting motorists when the road is closed and Reese will follow up on this.


The ordinance for the Route 926 & Parkersville Road project was advertised and passed by the Board.

A letter was received by the township from Mr. Fosnocht, attorney representing the Neighbour's on Rt. 926 stating the wall in front of their home was historic and they were pursuing getting on the national historic register. The township and PennDot must clear this up before moving forward with the project.

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April 3, 2000

Three resolutions were signed by the Board authorizing the taking of property for Leborn, Neighbour and Woodward for this project. These resolutions will not be filed until the historic issue is resolved.

The Board of supervisors intend to petition the election board to put on the November ballot a referendum to repeal the library tax. The township will be meeting with the library on April 20th.

Bill Holloway reviewed the preliminary plans for the renovation of the township building and has sent his comments to John Rosencrans. He reported we may have an opportunity to purchase a generator for the entire building. He asked John to look again at the supplemental heat being electric and provide cost allowances for light fixtures. We will pick them as we proceed with the project.

Mr. Patten will talk to Mike Lyons, attorney for Jeff Berlin regarding the status of his planning project.

The Board of Supervisors signed and approved a minor subdivision for Staves on March 23rd. All items were taken care of and the Planning Commission recommended approval. Since the Board did not meet March 20th these plans were not looked at and the buyers needed to make settlement by the end of the month.

Because of schedule conflicts the next Board of Supervisors meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 19, 2000 at 7:30 P.M. in the township building.

A bill list dated April 3rd numbering 1757-1822, State Fund 136-138 was signed and approved by the Board.

With no further business the meeting adjourned at 10:45 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager