August 21, 2000

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, August 21, 2000. All members were present and the minutes approved as submitted.


Ms. Howley reported the following:

Chadds Ford Historical Society will put their banner up for Chadds Ford Days on the Rosencrans barn on Rt. 1. It will be taken down after the festival, around September 11th.

Mr. Patten will send PennDot a copy of Ponds Edge Drive builder's plan for the filing of the dedication of the road.

Pennbury Land Trust has received a check in the amount of $5000.00 for the conservation easement on the Ridge at Chadds Ford.

Karen Wood met with Wayne Megill and residents at Chandler Ridge regarding the condition of the McMullan barn. The Board has no problem with the Planning Commission mediating the resolution of the problem of how to go about fixing the barn and complying with what is on the subdivision plan. Karen will follow up.

Bill Reynolds will follow up with securing a place for the Landowner's Meeting for this Fall.


Dave Allen reported the following:

The swale by the Swayze property on Wedgewood Drive has been regraded. The Chester Water Authority is putting in a water line and must correct the swales along Wedgewood Drive. They are working on this now.

Tree trimming and signs are being cleared getting ready for the start of school and bus traffic next week.

Will get with Matt Houtmann on the gutter replacement in the Knoll for next year.

The Co-op will advertise for a salt bid opening in September. Line painting is being done today.

Rusty Drumheller, Code Enforcement Officer reported that he did inspect the Kasowski property and the tenants do work on the farm. The State Police will send an officer out to West Pennsbury Way about the cars being parked on the road. Father Nature on Route 1 is a "use by right" however, there may be some violations for design standards in the ordinance and he will contact them about this.

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August 21, 2000

Reese Reynolds, Emergency Management Coordinator reported that he and Bob Updegrave attended an all day session at the Government Services Building on August 16th. The Board thanked him for his interest and time in this endeavor.


Jeff Berlin and Mike Lyons, his attorney attended the meeting. Mr. Lyons stated he would like to postpone any approvals of the subdivision until the properties needed for the roadway are deeded over to the township and the conservation easement details are taken care of. It was also noted that Mr. Berlin did send a check in the amount of $5000 to the Pennsbury Land Trust for the endowment of the easement. The Board thanked Mr. Berlin for his time and efforts in this subdivision process and working with the landowners and township. Mr. Berlin stated he would like to extend the time of approval to October 2nd and the Board approved this.

MaryAnna Ralph suggested that the township should hold the easement on lot 6, open space, since we have a track record of encouraging open space and let the Land Trust hold the easement. Mr. Houtmann stated the maintenance of the detention basin on lot 6 should not be a burden. The Board agreed to hold the easement and advised Mr. Berlin to set it up that way.

Chester Water Authority was present and reported that it would cost Mr. Berlin approximately $7000 per lot to install public water versus $4000 for a well. The Board stated that they would like to see public water installed wherever possible and the Water Authority should make it more affordable if at all possible. They encouraged them to work with developers in order to achieve this.

Matt Houtmann, Township Engineer reported that the Bailey property on Rt. 52 has been staked out for road improvement. He will also meet with Margot Taylor this Friday to inspect the entire Courts at Longwood Subdivision to document dead trees and note tree replacement. The trees that come down now should be replaced by the developer this Fall and not when the whole development is finished. Mrs. Groh wrote a letter to Mr. Houtmann about this asking that her tree replacement be done as soon as possible.


Bill Reynolds introduced a resolution to put on the Fall ballot a referendum repealing the library tax and replace it with an annual general appropriation based on level of usage by township residents. MaryAnna seconded the motion and discussion followed.

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August 2, 2000


Robin Vonnote stated there is higher usage of the library by other townships. The County library system said they would help them with this disparity this Fall. However, he believes a $16-17 per capita is a fair assessment for Pennsbury residents. MaryAnna Ralph stated we pay 21% of the municipalities contributing and township usage is only 10%. If the referendum is passed and the usage goes up, then the township could conceivably pay more. Sam Mirshak, township library representative asked what was driving this initiative. He stated the service the residents get for their tax dollar (.4 mil) is commendable. However, the library is getting ready for a capital campaign and this might hurt them. Margaret Hennes noted there was a children's program at the township building for 9 months but people preferred to come into Kennett and check books out while they were there. The Board has been meeting with the library over the past 5 years encouraging them to increase participation by township residents but to no avail. The library tax represents 1/3 of our property tax revenues received. Last year this amounted to approximately $60,000 and this year it will be more. The township takes in approximately $180,000-200,000/year. With no further discussion the Board passed and signed the resolution. A discussion followed as to the amount of library tax noted in the resolution. It was determined that the library tax noted in the resolution was incorrect and should be .2 mills, not .02 mills. Also, the word "general" election was incorporated into the resolution. These changes were made and a revised copy will be sent to the library.


Mr. Patten reported that condemnation papers have been filed on two property involved in the Rt. 926 & Parkersville Road project for right of way acquisition.

The Board signed the agreement with the Courts at Longwood for lots 4 & 5 changing the driveways and this will be recorded as an amendment to the subdivision plan.

Matt Houtmann will review the as builts for Whitestone Farms and be ready by the next meeting for dedication of the road.

Township Building renovations - the project has been advertised for bid opening September 18th. There was a prebid meeting held Aug. 17th. 14 contractors attended.

A bill list dated August 21st numbering 2064-2085 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board. With no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

The next supervisors meeting will be Tuesday, September 5, 2000

Respectfully submitted: Kathleen Howley, Township Manager