September 18, 2000

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, September 18, 2000. All members were present and the minutes approved as submitted.


Design Improvements Inc. - $313,181

$11,074 d. 0

60,934 e. -$1500

56,178 f. -8500

Mech/Plumb/Elec. - Flash Electric $177,650

Polar Mechanic - heat/vent/cooling




4,5,6 N/A

Day/Starr Sills Inc. $316,815

$8780 d. N/A

$58,678 e. -$17,108

$52,840 f. -$10,525

L.J. McConnell - electric, Hahn - mechanical $166,120

N/A d. $11,550

$2415 e. N/A

$4410 f. N/A

L. J. Paoella Construction - $232,621

$7824 d. 0

$39,714 e. -$15,450

$36,635 f. -$9100

Fayette Group - $199,000

$7250 d. N/A

$35800 e. -$12000

$35200 f. -$5800

Snyder Crompton - $299,477.44

$7594.94 d. N/A

$48941.69 e. -$14265.90

$53312.33 f. -$5035.80

HyTech Construction Inc. $141,000 (alternates included)

$5650 d. $500

$28500 e. -$2200

$23750 f. -$2340

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September 18, 2000

Pfaff Bros. General Construction & Mech. $261,950

$12500 d. N/A

$48500 e. -$14000

$53600 f. -$6500

Frank Bianco Bldr. - $238,000

$9000 d. N/A

$29000 e. -$15000

$41000 f. -$19000

Irvine Construction Co.- $296,900.49

$9727 d. N/A

$54336 e. -$15786

$44235 f. -$2300

Because of the complexities of the numbers Mr. Rosencrans will be asked to do a "bid analysis" for discussion at a September 28th meeting. The bid will be awarded at the supervisors's October 2, 2000 meeting. Some bidders expressed frustrations with regard to receiving prices for the specified doors.


Ms. Howley reported the following:

The landowner's meeting will be held on October 11th at 7 p.m. at the Gables. The speaker will be Pat O'Connell of Evergreen Capital talking about purchase of development rights by the County.

Mr. Berlin has agreed to consider putting public water into the Ridge at Chadds Ford and the township will pay for 2/3 the extra costs above what the Water Authority will pay back to Jeff. Jeff will pay 1/3. Any additional monies that may be returned from Chester Water Auth. for additional hookup would be returned to the township. The right of way along Sunny Ridge is being appraised and due to the township by the end of the week.

Matt Houtmann reported to me that he has finished up the work at Courts at Longwood with Margot Taylor regarding trees and Rusty stated the developer has begun to take trees down.

Roadmaster David Allen reported that the Co-op had advertised for salt bids and received none. They will rebid. Fall road inspection will be October 21st at 8 a.m.

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September 18, 2000

CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER Rusty Drumheller reported the following:

Issued 10 zoning and building permits, 3 HVAC, 3 plumbing in August.

Kasowski Farm - Reese Reynolds stated he noticed work being done on the farm that appears to be contracted out. However, Rusty did check with the horse owner and she stated they all live and work on the farm. Rusty will work with Dave Patten to draft a legal document for the owner and workers to sign to assure the zoning hearing board decision is upheld.

Paul Ruane was present to complain about the land disturbance being done on the property behind him. He's concerned about water run off and plantings that may be in the drainage swale. Matt Houtmann will be asked to make an inspection and report on it at the October 2nd meeting.

Emergency Management Coordinator Reese Reynolds reported on the EMS meeting that took place today at the township building regarding the flooding on Route 1 and road closures. We need a legal document that speaks to who has the authority to close a road - State Police or PennDot. The Board thanked Reese, Pat Barren, Bob Updegrave and Wes Maughen for their efforts on this subject. They asked Reese to get with Bob Kane of Senator Bell's office to draft a letter regarding the procedures for closing Route 1 in the event of flooding. The Board will send this letter to Senator Bell.


Karen Leonard and her husband were present to request the Board to consider not putting a "turnaround" at the end of their driveway as submitted in a subdivision plan presented by Mr. Spano. Mrs. Ralph, Mrs. Forsyth and Margot Taylor have looked at the property and concur that the turnaround is not needed and there is an American Elm that would die if put in. The Pennsbury Land Trust stated, if need be, the turnaround could be put in the open space. The Board asked the Leonards to confirm with the fire company and emergency personnel that they would have no problem with this. If so, then this turnaround could be designated as an emergency turnaround on the plan and not be physically put in. The Leonards will get back to the Board on this.

Beverly McCausland was present with her prospective renter of her property in Fairville Village. Mr. Nolan would like to open a catering business and take out service. The business would probably be 60% catering and 40% take out. Rusty Drumheller had a concern about whether or not this type of business would be permitted. The Board concluded that this could be a use by right and confirmed that there would be enough parking in the back of the building for customers. There would be no food consumption on the premises and the permit should emphasize sufficient parking and no cooking odors being emitted from the building.

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September 18, 2000

Ted Davis of Hillendale Road received a letter from Matt Houtmann advising him he must level his property and seed it before winter or submit. Mr. Davis dumped dirt and debris on the property and has not applied for a land disturbance permit. The Board advised Mr. Davis that he should apply for the permit within the next few weeks and work with Matt to get the property ready for winter so that he can get the work done in the spring when he has more money. If he does not apply for a permit, Matt's letter stands and he must level the piles of dirt and seed.

Reese Reynolds stated there are cars exiting onto Brintons Bridge Road from the Gables Restaurant which is not allowed. Mr. Reynolds said he will talk to Jack McFadden.

A bill list dated September 18th numbering 2110-2138 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board. With no further business the meeting adjourned at 10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager