October 16, 2000

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, October 16, 2000. All members, Mr. Patten and Ms. Howley were present and the minutes approved as submitted.

Kathy Wandersee representing the Brandywine Battlefield Task Force presented to the Board copies of the Battlefield Protection Strategies book which was put together with the help of the Chester County Planning Commission. This book is being distributed to all municipalities that lie within the battlefield boundary and was funded by a federal grant.


Kathy Howley reported the following:

A budget meeting has been tentatively scheduled for November 16th at 7:30 a.m. unless an agreeable date comes up beforehand.

A letter was received from the Longwood Fire Co. stating the proposed turnaround on the Leonard properties off of Brintons Bridge Road was not necessary since emergency vehicles could make the turn near their home. Dave Patten stated he would draw up the papers to have the subdivision changed accordingly and send them to the Leonards to get signatures of all property owners affected.

Route 1 Corridor review - The Board wants more time to study the plan and will discuss this at their November 6th meeting. Ms. Howley reported that if the plan is not adopted as an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan, than the township must put in writing to the County a request to consider this as a "special study" under the visions partnership program and will be funded at 50% of all eligible costs up to $10,000. The Planning Commission is awaiting the final comments from John Snook on TDR's before submitting the Land Use Patterns Plan to the county and township for review.

Dave Allen reported that he is awaiting some materials for the Bailey project. Mr. Patten stated we can do exactly what is on the plan and Dave Allen can get started as soon as his materials come in. There will be a road inspection on October 21st at 8:00 A.M.

Emergency Manager - Reese Reynolds reported that he is continuing to work on items discussed at the recent county/township meeting regarding the flooding of the Brandywine Creek on Rt. 1. The township did send a letter to Senator Bell for his assistance.

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October 16, 2000

D'Angelo Subdivision - Mr. & Mrs. D'Angelo were present to obtain approval for their 2 lot subdivision. Because of the "S" curve project, their vacant lot was reduced to less than 2 acres. This area is zoned minimum 2 acres therefore, they adjusted the lot lines to create 2 (2 acres) lots. Matt Houtmann's letter was reviewed for compliance. With no further discussion the Board approved and signed the plans.


Matt Houtmann reported the following:

Issued a letter to S&S Development regarding the trees and grading on lots in the Courts at Longwood. No further work is to be done there until they comply with the letter. Mrs. Groh electrical problem has been resolved. The developer has 30-60 days to comply or the township will take escrow money to finish the work with the trees.

Received a request for a land disturbance permit for the Davis property on Hillendale Road and will send him a letter. It appears that the Pryce land disturbance has been completed and it should not adversely affect the Ruane property. Will send Mr. Pryce a letter.

Code Enforcement Officer Rusty Drumheller reported that he would like to add to the "as built" ordinance amendment including the driveway cut/location. Will follow up on the trailer at Father Nature and documentation on the Kasowski property tenants.

Ridge at Chadds Ford - Jeff Berlin was present and asked the Board for an extension of approval for his subdivision to November 20th - permission granted. The township is working on the right of way for Joshua Way. Will hear from the Chester Water Authority after their board meeting next week. Judy Duke has employed Peter Temple to represent her for acquisition of the right of way. The township received a letter from him requesting $15,000 for acquisition instead of the appraised price of $5400. The Board authorized Mr. Patten to file for condemnation. Mr. Houtmann will have a final review letter by the next meeting. Mr. Berlin was advised to get the escrow and subdivision agreements drawn up and ready for approval. Mr. Berlin would like to start to clear the land of trees that are located in the roadway. The Board has no problem with this but he should file a land disturbance permit.

Mark Welsh would like an easement across township property to connect his driveway to Joshua Way in order to keep his access to Route 1 open since gates will be erected on Sunny Ridge Lane and kept closed by residents of Sunny Ridge. The Board stated when the subdivision is approved they will grant an easement for the connection but the cost of the driveway will be between Mr. Welsh and Mr. Berlin.

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Township Building Bids - the Board had interviewed the three lowest bidders for general construction and the low bidder for HVAC/electrical. The Board is considering the idea of being their own general contractor and having Rusty Drumheller hired to oversee the project and get subcontractors. We are awaiting costs on this and will make a decision by the November 6th meeting.

A reminder to all that election day is November 7th and the library referendum will be on the ballot.

A bill list dated October 16, 2000 numbering 2156-2187 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board.

With no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager