November 6, 2000

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, November 6, 2000. Messrs. Reynolds, Patten, Mrs. Ralph and Ms. Howley were present and the minutes approved as submitted.


Matt Houtmann reported the following:

Courts at Longwood - met on site with the builder, his attorney Mr. Ryan, Margot Taylor, Rusty Drumheller and Dave Patten to discuss the following:

- Number of replacement trees - suggest totaling the number of trees needed

and letting the builder, Mr. D'Agostino, supply them to distribute throughout the

development with township input.

- The developer is to removed all existing dead trees on lots.

- Matt and D'Agostino will look at the lots with dead trees and a result of septic

system installation and determine what trees need to be replaced.

- Responsibility for lots sold to other developers still lies with D'Agostino as far

as tree replacement is concerned.

Landscaping at the entrance is not according to the plan and this should be

pointed out to the developer according to Margot Taylor. Trees are in the

proposed walkway. Trees planted should be 3 " caliber going into the ground

as per our ordinances. The original deadline for tree takedown and replacement

still stands - trees replaced and in the ground by December 16, 2000.-

Matt suggested that our ordinances be changes to require placement of all

trees, house, etc be on the plan to have a firm picture of what is suppose to be

there. Supervisors asked Matt to draft this and pass it by the Planning


Talked to Ted Davis about his application for a land disturbance permit. Advised him about moving dirt and debris away from the stream which he has done over the weekend. Will check the site.

Did a site inspection of the Spano property and will issue a letter. Mr. Patten stated the time on the bank escrow needs to be extended. Will follow up on this.

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November 6, 2000


Rusty Drumheller reported the following:

Geewax Barn - Township received a letter from Mr. & Mrs. Nardozzi complaining about the construction and work going on at the barn along with a concern about the level of water in the pond. Mrs. Ralph has spoken to Mr. Nardozzi and advised him that she would be responding to his letter after she researches his allegations. It was noted that the well on the property was capped (per Chester County Health Dept. Regulations) and a new well dug. A handicap parking area has been put in alongside the barn. Mrs. Ralph advised the project manager that the space is larger than what is needed and he must comply or come back to the township for approval.

Megill Barn - Bill Reynolds suggested we get an estimate to restore the integrity of the building and require Mr. Megill to adhere to the recorded subdivision notes. Mr. Patten reported that the Megill's have retained an attorney and he has sent him a letter pointing out the responsibility of the township with regard to the preservation of the barn per the subdivision.

Sent Mr. Phipps a violation notice regarding the abandoned cars on his property. Also sent a violation notice to Mr. Palumbi regarding violation by Father Nature business - trailer and debris in back of the property.


Mr. Patten reported he received a letter from Mr. Halsted, attorney representing Crosslands asking about their proposed subdivision and how it should be reviewed. Mr. Houtmann suggested he should be looked at as a "whole" i.e. combine the proposed new units with the existing units. This should not necessarily require more engineering. However, the traffic impact should consider the whole since there is one entrance into the community.

Duke property - Mr. Temple, attorney for Ms. Duke, notified Mr. Patten that she would accept the previous offer from the township with conditions. However, the supervisors have asked Mr. Wood to review the appraisal in light of the fact that there may be an easement on the property which might change the value. The request by Ms. Duke to reserve a carport area on her property will be denied unless she can come up with a plan that designates a specific area for reserve. Chester Water Authority will be deeding their plot along Sunny Ridge to the township. Their attorney is working with Dave Patten on this.

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November 6, 2000

Route 1 Corridor Plan - Mrs. Ralph still has some reservations about the plan being passed as an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. Cost of the study was approximately $36000. The County will reimburse the township up to $10,000 of eligible costs if the plan is not adopted and is considered a "study". Mr. Reynolds asked Ms. Howley to check with the County about the township passing the plan with some provisos.

Township Building renovation bids - Rusty Drumheller submitted costs estimates for construction in the range of $194,000. There was some discussion as to what can be done to cut corners and save money. The township also has to research how the project will be funded. Ms. Howley will check into this. No decision was made as to who will be awarded the job.

A bill list numbering 2188-2236, State Fund # 143 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board.

With no further business the meeting adjourned at 10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager