November 20, 2000

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, November 20, 2000. All members, Mr. Patten and Ms. Howley were present and the minutes approved as corrected.


Ms. Howley reported the following:

Township building renovations - received financial information from Delaware Valley Reg. Fin. Authority regarding the financing of the building renovations. The Board will study this information and in addition meet with Rusty Drumheller to discuss the project.

Meeting at Crosslands November 30th 8 a.m. to discuss their proposed additional development.

Park Master Site Plan RFP - received 5 - will interview candidates on a short list the first week in December - pick consultant and set up meetings with the park study committee.

ROADMASTER David Allen reported the Co-op met and opened salt bids last week. The bid went to Oceanport at $33.10/ton delivered. Hickory Hill Road and Rt. 52 road project is almost completed and everything is proceeding smoothly. Brush/leaf/brand pickup will be completed this week.


Rusty Drumheller reported the following:

Courts at Longwood - inspected lot 14 for settlement. Received a letter from

S&S asking us to sign off on the trees for this lot. Cannot do this because the

trees are not the right caliber and they will have to be replaced. Matt Houtmann

walked the lots with David D'Agostino reviewing where septic systems had gone

in. Matt stated that David does have the exact number of trees and where they

go so this should not be an issue anymore.

Geewax Barn - final inspection failed. Electrical is not complete and the Board approved Rusty contacting an electrical inspector on behalf of the township to do the inspection.


Matt Houtmann reported the following:

Davis/Harris property - Mr. Davis has applied for a land disturbance permit and

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November 20, 2000

I have issued a letter stating what needs to be done before he is granted this

permit. However, I gave him permission to move the dirt away from the stream

which he has done. Matt made an inspection of the site and will issue a letter

to him advising he must move the dirt away from Hillendale road and secure

with silt fence for the winter.

Ridge at Chadds Ford - issued a final review letter for the plans. The township will maintain the basin on lot 6 and the Land Trust will hold the easement.

Megill Barn - Mr. Patten reported he did contact Art Sagnor, attorney for Mr. Megill and will respond by the Dec. 4th as to township access to the barn for inspection.


Sam Mirshak, Stephanie Jackson, Treasurer and the Assistance Treasurer were present to discuss contributions to the Library for 2001 for their budget. Sam Mirshak stated there are 994 cardholders in Pennsbury. However, this figure now includes all those who have Chester County Library cards. This amounts to approximately 30% of residents having cards. This does not give the township a clear pictures of how many residents actually use the Bayard Taylor Library. The Board suggested the library go back and send to the township their numbers on usage and construct their case around this. From this information the Board will focus on determining the amount of contribution for 2001. The Board will meet with the Kennett Area Planning Commission and with the library information determine a formula for 2002 contribution. Bill Reynolds emphasized that this is a new day and we must move forward.


Duke Property - Mr. Patten reported that he had heard from Judy Duke's new attorney and they are requesting a review board be appointed to determine compensation for the taking. They are not contesting the condemnation therefore, Jeff Berlin can move forward and complete the finalization of the subdivision plan as stated in Matt Houtman's letter. Mr. Patten will contact Mr. Lyons about this. Ms. Howley was instructed to send $350.00 to the Chester Water Authority as compensation for their taking.

Mr. Patten has notified Mr. Spano of the necessity of an extension on his escrow account for Brintons Bridge Inc. He also stated that the subdivision plan does not need to be amended to eliminate the turnaround by the Leonard's home. He will draw up an agreement with the Leonards and Spano and have it executed and recorded.

Mr. Patten will draw up a resolution for the supervisors to sign at the December 4th

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November 20, 2000

meeting adopting the Route 1 Corridor Plan as an amendment to the Township Comprehensive Plan.

Mr. Patten was instructed to look into the possibility of a complete review of our ordinances by an outside firm in order to identify any weaknesses with respect to subdivision and zoning.

The Board instructed Mr. Patten to notify Mr. Spangler that they take no position in the Forsyth upcoming zoning hearing board meeting on December 5th. However, if the zoning hearing board recognizes a hardship then it is their opinion that there should be no further subdivision of the property.

A bill list dated November 20, 2000 numbering 2237-2267, PLGIT #131 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board.

With no further business the meeting adjourned at 10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager