December 4, 2000

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, December 4, 2000. All members, Mr. Patten and Ms. Howley were present and the minutes approved as submitted.

Township Manager Kathy Howley reported that the sewage confirmation reminder was sent to all residents of the township. The costs for the right of way on the Parkersville Road and 926 project is approximately $49,000 to date. This is reimbursable to the township by PennDot. The agreement with PennDot states a cap of $70,000. The 2001 contract with the SPCA has been signed and sent back to them.

Roadmaster Dave Allen reported the following:

The brush and leaf pick up has been completed for the Fall - 12 loads of chips and 39 truck loads of leaves were picked up.

Hickory Hill and 52 work is almost complete. Mr. Bailey will not let us work at his driveway and he has requested a copy of the approved plan which Mr. Houtmann will send to him. Will complete the project after Mr. Bailey gets the plan.

Code Enforcement Officer Rusty Drumheller reported the following:

Megill Barn - Wayne Megill Jr was present. Rusty reported there was a previous site visit to the barn by the township. The township would like to get a cost for the repairs to the barn in order to make it safe and useable. Mr. Megill has denied this access to date. The township has assured Mr. Megill that this data would be for information purposes only and not binding on Mr. Megill. However, the information may be used in the future in order to enforce the subdivision plan. Mr. Remington of Chandler Ridge was present and stated that the barn must be kept in good condition according to an agreement made by Wayne Megill Sr. The Board stated that this was a dispute with the homeowners and Mr. Megill and not the township.

Courts at Longwood - Mr. D'Agostino and his attorney Joe Ryan were present to express their dismay at not getting house inspections because of a dispute with the township regarding tree replacement. Mr. Houtmann gave a written report to the Board on the status of tree replacement in the development. It was agreed that there would be 100 replacement trees and 84 street trees. The township would accept 80% @2 1/2" and 20% @3 1 l/2". They would confirm their figures tomorrow and if OK, put up escrow for the trees. Mr. Houtmann will send letters to those builders owning other lots requesting they put in their replacement trees or we will use their escrow to do this. Inspections would resume after this. Mr. D'Agostino was reminded that he does owe money for site inspections and water to the township. He was given copies of all bills.

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December 4, 2000

Emergency Management - Reese Reynolds reported he attended an all day seminar last week which is required. Certificates were distributed. The Board of Supervisors signed as resolution for updating the Emergency Management Plan for the township.

Library Rep Sam Mirshak distributed to the Boards copies of the library report, highlights '99, accountability from the librarian, '98, '99 auditors report and reported there is a meeting with the Regional Planning Commission on January 16, 2001 to talk about funding. Someone from the township will be in attendance. The library did purchase the Ferguson property in Kennett Township for a future site. Annual giving letters will go out shortly and he will get an article to the township for the newsletter. The book drop was emptied on Tuesday and Thursday of last week and there were 28 books in it. The Board agreed to give the library $35,000 for the year 2001.

Ridge at Chadds Ford - Jeff Berlin was present with his final plans for approval. It was noted that the acquisition of the right of way on Sunny Ridge has been completed although all paperwork has not been returned yet. Mr. Houtmann gave a letter to Mr. Berlin and the Board regarding the amount of money needed for the escrow. Mr. Patten will draft the documents for the subdivision. The Board again expressed their desire for public water in the development and Jeff will follow up with the Chester Water Authority and change his plans accordingly. The township will share in the cost of this in order to get public water in this area. It was also agreed that a fire hydrant would be place at the bottom of Sunny Ridge Lane on Route 1. The line would run down this road. Mr. Berlin will check with his attorney as to the timing of the signing of the plans. The Board agreed to sign the plans when it is appropriate.

Matt Houtmann will inspect the Harris property for compliance to his letter about land disturbance.

A resolution adopting the Route 1 Corridor Plan as an amendment to the township Comprehensive Plan was signed by the Board.

A bill list dated December 4th numbering 2269-2302, PLGIT #132 was submitted and approved by the Board. The meeting ended and the Board went into Executive Session at 9:15 to discuss the township building renovations with Mr. Drumheller.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager