May 7, 2001

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, May 7, 2001. All members were present and the minutes approved as submitted.

ROADMASTER Dave Allen reported the following:

Clean up day went well. There were some problems with the brush pick up but this will be addressed in the next township newsletter. People are still clearing their lots and not stacking properly. In the future these branches will not be picked up until they are stacked right.

Kennett Co-op bids were opened for road work and materials. Gorman Brothers was the lowest bidder at $32.17 for scratch coat and $2.47 for top coat.

Bob McLaughlin of 1407 Stockford Road wrote a letter to the Board requesting some changes be made to the intersection of Stockford and Cossart Road, speed humps be installed on Stockford and the lower end of Stockford at Fairville Road be closed and a cul-de-sac be installed. This is because of the increased traffic and speed of commercial trucks. Dave Allen stated he was in favor of the three way stop at Cossart but was not sure of the other suggestions. The Board agreed to go ahead with this change but will have to study further the speed humps and cul-de-sac ideas. Mr. Patten stated an ordinance must be passed for the stop signs and he will put this together. Mr. McLaughlin stated that the property owner nearest to Fairville Rd. on Stockford, Mr. Rollins, has agreed to donate the engineering and land for the closing of this portion of the road if we agreed.

Code Enforcement Officer Rusty Drumheller reported that the building renovations are coming along and he hopes to be finished by mid June. There is some filling and regarding at Hillhurst near lot 16. He will check with Jack Becker on this. The culvert between the Kasowski and Bowersox property is falling apart and Dave Allen will be asked to check this out.

Courts at Longwood - The deadline for tree removal and replacement was April 30, 2001. The tree program has not been completed and the Board asked Mr. Patten to put together a plan for this along with Matt Houtmann and Margot Taylor. Estimates for this along with stump removal will be obtained and this information sent to the bank for an escrow release to complete the job. Sari Groh stated she has a tree in her yard that was listed as "stressed" but has not died and she would like it removed. S&S Development sent a letter to Mr. Harrison requesting he give them permission to correct the driveway. Mr. Harrison will respond to this and the Board asked that Mr. Houtmann approve the redesign of the driveway.

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May 7, 2001


Don Altmaier has been appointed by the Board as our representative on the Library Board. There was a question as to whether or not other townships who do not have a library tax are represented on the Board. However, before there was a tax, our township had representation. We will wait to hear from Mr. Altmaier as to what the library board will allow.

Sally Corbishley is in charge of the newsletter and is in the process of gathering articles for the May issue. The newsletter will be published 4 times a year.

Whitestone Lane has not been dedicated to the township yet. Jay March has not followed through and Ms. Howley was asked to contact Matt Houtmann and determine what has to be done to accomplish this.

Ridge at Chadds Ford - 2 of the 5 lots have been sold. Of the remaining 3 only 1 could possibly be subdivided. Mr. Berlin has agreed to put a restriction of "no further subdivision" in the sales agreements and deeds.

Pennsbury Land Trust - Alma Forsyth was present and submitted a request to the Board asking for financial support, if necessary, for the Land Trust purchase of the development rights for 90 acres of the Haskell property. The Land Trust will be submitting a grant application to the County. Messrs. Reynolds and Holloway signed a letter of support for this transaction on behalf of the township which will be included in the grant application.

Mr. Patten drafted a list of issues we should consider for compliance to Act. 68 which will be passed onto the Planning Commission for their input.

The Board agreed to table the discussion on the draft of the TDR ordinance. The Board did discuss the draft of the Historic Preservation ordinance. Mr. Reynolds stated he would like to see Section 6 eliminated and further review the rest of the draft with the thought of striking items that may be contentious. They will revisit this at the May 21st meeting.

Matt Houtmann will send the legal description for Hillspring Road to Dave Patten so he can draw up the papers for the takeover.

Reese Reynolds stated the trees on the township property on Brintons Bridge Road should be looked at by Margot Taylor.

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May 7, 2001

The sewage modules for Crosslands preliminary plans were signed by the township. Kennett Township approved these plans last year since the sewage is located in Kennett Township. However, since the structures will be located in Pennsbury, the township signed them also and copies sent to DEP.

An extension to the subdivision and land development agreement for Tom Spano was signed by the Board. This extension expired August 31, 2001.

It was noted that the Ponds Edge Homeowners Assn. is meeting with Messrs. Ciccarone and McFadden regarding the possible tie in of their sewage to the Ponds Edge plant. Negotiations are ongoing.

A bill list dated May 7, 2001 numbering 2626-2667 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board.

With no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager