May 21, 2001

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, May 21, 2001. Messrs. Reynolds, Patten, Mrs. Ralph and Ms. Howley were present and the minutes approved as submitted.

Township Manager Kathy Howley reported that Mr. Patten is still pursuing information on the recent accidents that damaged our traffic control devices. Damages amounted to approximately $18,000. Mr. Reynolds asked that a copy of the census results for the township be given to Sally Corbishley for the next newsletter. Mr. Patten stated there maybe some money left in the escrow for Whitestone Lane. This road has not been dedicated and Jay March has not come back to the township to finalize this.

Roadmaster Dave Allen reported the following:

The ordinance for the 3 way stop on Stockford and Cossart will be advertised for the June 4th meeting. Mr. Reynolds stated he did not think it would be a good idea to close off the road at the bottom of Stockford and Fairville as was suggested by a resident. Dave Allen is in the process of doing a traffic study for this area.

The road crew are mowing road banks and resurfacing of roads will be scheduled for sometime after school gets out - mid June.

The culvert under Brintons Bridge Road near Chadwyck is eroding and will have Matt look at it and give recommendation.

Met with John Bowers of the Knoll Civic Assoc. regarding signage and the possibility of decorative poles.

Jack Becker has scheduled the culvert work at Hillhurst for the end of this week or the beginning of next week depending on weather.

Penn's Village - Jack Becker was present to review his revised design with the Board and get their feedback before he changes the plan. The following was noted:

Courts at Longwood - Margot Taylor submitted a lengthy report on the trees and a

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May 21, 2001

copy sent to Mr. D'Agostino and Mr. Patten. Mr. Patten will get an estimate on the proposed work and request an escrow release to finish the job. Mr. D'Agostino will also be given notice of this. Sari Groh requested the Board ask Mr. D'Agostino to remove the dumpster on Kintera Court since it is a hazard to children playing. Mr. Drumheller will not do any inspections or issue permits until these items are addressed.

Old/New Business

Mr. Patten reported that he talked to Mike Lyons, attorney for Jeff Berlin, and they will incorporate in the sales agreement of lots in Ridge at Chadds Ford - no further subdivision of the lot allowed. The Duke property has been reappraised and condemned. A hearing will be set to determine the value of the taking.

The Hillspring Road legal description was given to Mr. Patten and a copy to Bill Holloway.

The deadline for the Spano development is August 31, 2001. Rusty and Matt are to follow up on the stormwater problems and anything else that needs to be done. Mr. Spano still owes the township for engineering reviews.

Mr. Kasowski was present and asked the township their thoughts on him constructing a barn on 40 acres and having living quarters above in order to increase the horse business. He stated Rusty did an inspection of the property about 3-4 months ago and he believes he is in compliance with the Zoning Hearing Board decisions. There was some discussion on people renting and not working on the farm. MaryAnna Ralph encouraged Mr. Kasowski to join the AG District which would not adversely impact the property. The Board said they would review the previous decisions and determine if this addition would not violate it.

Historic Preservation Ordinance - MaryAnna Ralph would like to add a provision and have the Planning Commission review it before adoption. The deadline for the county is Sept. 30th The Board is reluctant to pass the TDR ordinance and Ms. Howley will ask the county if there is some other way to get reimbursed for the work without adopting an ordinance.

BOCA Maintenance Code - Larry Anderson reviewed this with Rusty Drumheller. After much discussion the Board agreed to exclude the section on lawn maintenance and do more work on the wording of the section on maintenance of structures, walls, fences.

The township will send the library their first quarter payment and advise them there will

be no second payment until our library rep. issue is resolved.

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May 21, 2001

A bill list dated May 21, 2001 numbering 2668-2700 and PLGIT #140 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board. With no further business the meeting adjourned at 10:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager