June 4, 2001

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, June 4, 2001. All members were present and the minutes approved as submitted.

Township Manager Kathy Howley reported that Margot Taylor will be resigning as our landscape architect because of time constraints but has recommendations for her replacement. She will continue with Courts at Longwood and Crosslands. Supervisors will meet June 7th and June 14th regarding the town concept plan. Mr. Reynolds questioned the insurance coverage for supervisors under public officials. Bob Hall of Francis Hall Insurance will be asked to attend a meeting to discuss this issue. The township newsletter was mailed out last week.

Dave Allen, Roadmaster reported the following:

Finished the traffic study for the 3 way stop sign at Cossart and Stockford Rds. The ordinance for this sign was advertised for adoption. With no further discuss the Board signed the ordinance. Dave is still working on the speed study for Stockford Rd.

Ditching and tree trimming on Brintons Bridge and Hickory Hill Roads.

Asphlund is trimming trees for Peco and has requested the shut down Cossart Rd while they are working for 2-3 days since the road is so narrow and they have large trucks. Property owners will be contacted and if they don't object, this will be done.

The drainage pipe on Brintons Bridge Road at Hillhurst will be installed this week.

Received a letter from Mr. Weidman regarding the replacing of a "no outlet" sign on Hanover Drive. This will be done.

Hillspring Road residents will meet with week to finalize the process of changing the road from private to a township road.

Mulford Subd - Karen Wood was present to obtain approval of the two lot subdivision. Comments from Matt Houtman and the County were reviewed and the Township Planning Commission had recommended approval. The lot is being subdivided and Ms. Wood and Mr. Spano are purchasing the lots to add to their properties. With no further discussion the Board approved and signed the plans.

Old/New Business

Mr. Patten stated he thought there still was escrow money for Whitestone Farm. He will check and see if we can finish what is left to do for the takeover of the road since Jay March has not responded to us.

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June 4, 2001

Mr. Reynolds and Mrs. Ralph will review the drafts of the TDR and Historic Preservation ordinances on Thursday and get their comments to the Planning Commission for their review on June 11th.

The township is still waiting for the date set for the hearing on the Duke property.

Mr. Patten reported that Mr. Ryan, representing Courts at Longwood, requested a meeting with Margot Taylor regarding the trees. Margot Taylor wrote an extensive letter outlining the tree situation and has referred Mr. Ryan to that. Margot has suggested that the tree work be done by a tree person and the landscaping be done by another person who does landscaping for a business. Mr. Patten is proceeding to get bids for the work and will take the money out of the escrow. Anything over $10,000 must be bid.

Penn's Village - Mr. Patten stated he reviewed the list of conditional use items. The height of the clock tower and the front yard setbacks would be considered variance requests. Ms. Howley will discuss this with Mr. Becker. The Planning Commission will be reviewing these requests at their next meeting and making a recommendation to the Board. The Board requested that Lisa Thomas of Glackin Assoc. meet with them to explain the change of buildings and layout from the preliminary plan submitted. Mr. Patten stated he would respond to Matt's request of reviewing the ordinance language on fire lanes for Crosslands.

BOCA Maintenance Code - Larry Anderson submitted a rewording of the code with regard to weed control and accessary structures. After discussing this, the Board advised Mr. Patten to make the changes and get it ready for adoption.

A bill list dated June 4, 2001 numbering 2701-2731 was submitted and approved by the Board. With no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:10p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager