July 2, 2001

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, July 2, 2001. All members were present and the minutes approved as submitted.

Township Manager Kathleen Howley reported the following:

Mr. Patten will follow up on the Act 68 amendments and send a copy to the Board for their review before advertising for adoption.

The township received a request for a zoning hearing board meeting from Omnipoint to erect a cellular tower in the cemetery at the Parkersville Meetinghouse. This request was sent onto the zoning hearing board for scheduling. The township will oppose this application.

Margot Taylor submitted a letter of resignation as landscape architect for the township. She has recommended two other architects. Ms. Howley will contact them and ask for their credentials and attend a future board meeting.

Roadmaster Dave Allen reported the following:

We do second road bank mowing next week. Plan to move the office back into the building sometime next week.

Hillspring Road - residents have some concern about the drainage per Mr. Holloway. Within a month the residents should have some feedback and hope the township road crew will install it.

Policy for plantings in township right of way - received a request from a Cheryl Lane resident wanting to plant a tree in their cul de sac. The Board suggested that residents can plant trees etc. with the direction of the road master but if at

any time this poses to be a hazard, the township does have the right to remove it. Maintenance of the plantings will be the sole responsibility of the homeowners.

Township Engineer Matt Houtmann reported the following:

Hickory Hill Road curve - suggest there be striping on both sides of the road where the driveway for the development comes out, plant evergreens along the driveway to keep vehicles coming down the hill on Hickory Hill Road and not onto the driveway and put up larger road curve arrows. The Board agreed to do this and hopefully will slow traffic down and make it safer when children get on school buses. Gail Wolfel from the school district transportation department had to cancel out at the last minute and will attend the July 16th supervisors meeting.

Dawson Mill - will follow up this week on the permitting process.

Ted Davis - was present and said he sent all information requested to

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July 2, 2001

Mr. Houtmann for the land disturbance permit but has not heard from him. He

did secure the property for the winter. Mr. Houtmann said he would check his

files and get back to Mr. Davis advising him of the next step in the process.

Mr. Davis agreed to come to the next meeting on July 16th.

Whitestone Farms - received all information needed and will address this at the

next township meeting.

Courts at Longwood - Mr. Ryan, attorney S&S development and David D'Agostino were present and would like the Board to allow inspections on a home he is building. The tree issue has still not been resolved and Margot Taylor has been contacted and they have requested a meeting. Margot Taylor will meet with Dave Patten and Matt Houtmann on July 11th at 6 p.m. to review the landscape plan. Mr. Ryan stated the Mr. Orsati has been hired by S&S to deal with the landscaping issues. The Board advised Mr. Ryan that they will address their request for inspections at their July 16th meeting after which time Margot will have met with them and addressed the outstanding tree issues.

Mr. Parsons was present and complained about the storm water coming off of

the road and cul-de-sac down his driveway and washing everything out.

Matt and Mr. D'Agostino will meet tomorrow morning to review this and come up

with a solution. Mr. D'Agostino stated he is still waiting to hear from

Mr. Harrison about the moving of his driveway.

BOCA MAINTENANCE CODE - this was advertised for adoption. Ms. Gobe was present and asked the Board what this all entails. Present dwellings do not have to be brought up to code unless there is some work to be done. There is no township inspections for the resale of property. It was also agreed that the draft of the ordinance be advertised for discussion at one meeting and then adopted at another meeting. Mr. Patten will follow through with this request. With no further discussion the ordinance was approved and signed by the Board.

Megill Barn - Mr. Megill obtained 15 signatures of 18 and Mr. Patten he has met his obligation. The Board agreed to sign the amendment to the declaration after Mr. Patten revises some wording and advises Mr. Megill that the township does want $200,000 in escrow. The document could be signed by the township manager before the next meeting if all items are resolved.

Penns Village - a request for a conditional use hearing was received by the Board from Mr. Becker. The hearing is set for 8 p.m. on August 20th. This will be advertised and comments from the Planning Commission are requested by the Board.

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July 2, 2001

Historic Preservation ordinance draft - after much discussion the supervisors agreed they needed more time to discuss their differences and agreed upon the revisions. There will be a public work session scheduled for July 26th at 7:30 a.m. It was also agreed that this ordinance would not be a special exception but conditional use putting it in front of the supervisors and not the zoning hearing board. The revisions would be advertised for public comment at the August 6th meeting and adopted at the first meeting in September.

Mr. Patten reported that the decision from the courts on the YMCA was received by the township. Mr. Patten suggested the township sit down with the Y and Mr. Brutscher and discuss the decision and what exactly it means to both parties.

A bill list dated July 2, 2001 numbering 2771-2805, State Fund #150 and PLGIT #142 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board

With no further business the meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager