November 19, 2001

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, November 19, 2001. All members, Mr. Patten and Ms. Howley were present and the minutes approved as submitted.

Code Enforcement Officer Rusty Drumheller reported the following:

Will send a citation letter to Ted Davis at 8 Hillendale Road citing violations of the maintenance code and give him 30 days to clean up the property.

Bill Holloway asked him to put another vent in the generator shed.

The owners of Pennsbury Inn will be asking for a hearing to allow for weddings and banquets.

The Zoning Hearing Board granted Lance Sumser a variance for the front and rear yard on a lot he owns on Fairville Road. He proposed to raze the present home and build a new one. The neighbors have a concern about the demolition and lead paint in the old house.

Dimensional Dynamics - expanded their parking lot under a land disturbance permit application. However, Mr. Houtman wrote a letter to the Board questioning whether or not it should come under a land development plan. Since the work has been completed, the Board agreed as a compromise to request an "as built" plan showing parking, landscaping, lighting and compliance to the ordinances. Mr. Houtman will follow up.

Township Engineer Matt Houtman reported the following:

Courts at Longwood - trees are down and escrow release was approved for $16,650. Mr. Patten reported he sent letter to all developers of lots bought on built on with regard to the cost of replacement trees. Mr. Patten advised the Board the township should apply for the escrow for trees on these lots.

Work on Greg Harrison's lot has been completed.

Ridge at Chadds Ford road should be paved this week. He is nearing the end of the season and should get this in as soon as possible.

Whitestone Farm - Dave Patten submitted the deed of dedication for Whitestone Lane which was signed by the Board. The maintenance agreement was also signed and escrow will be held for 18 months.

Received no response from Mr. Spano about the completion of his subdivision.

Orenshaw Lot - home is being completed

Jeff Beck - submitted land disturbance permit - Matt is inspecting the work as it is completed.

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November 19, 2001

Roadmaster Dave Allen reported the following:

Road inspection took place with all supervisors November 8th. Matt Houtman was asked for a street plan for the Knoll which will get started next year.

The chipping and leaf pick up went very well. Leaves are still falling and we will continue to pick them up.

Hillspring Road - working with Mr. Hilt on culvert installation and take over of the road by the township.

Salt bids will open Friday, November 23rd.

Dawson Mill

Barbara Holmes was present to asked permission to proceed with a grant application to the state to put the mill and main property on the national register. The Board advised her that this would not be prudent at this time and wait until the next funding cycle. However, she could apply for a grant to complete the general historical site survey in the township which she will look into.

Dawson 2 lot subdivision was submitted for final approval. Mr. Houtmann's letter was reviewed and the plan did not have the following:

Signature of owner

Note on the error of closure

Right of way agreement/maintenance

The Board approved and will sign the plans when these items are complete.

Henry Roosevelt 2 lot subdivision was submitted for final approval. The Planning Commission recommended approval. There will be no construction. He is adding 1 acre of ground to his lot. With no further discussion the plans were approved and signed by the Board.

The township received a letter from James Forsyth withdrawing his subdivision and requesting a conditional use hearing to allow his daughter to live in a second dwelling on their property. The hearing was scheduled for December 17th at 8 p.m. Mr. Patten will advertise and schedule a court reporter.

The Board asked Mr. Patten to draft a resolution to ban burning in the township as suggested by the County during the drought warning. The annual planning seminar has been scheduled for Jan. 12, 2002 at 8 a.m. in the township building.

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November 19, 2001

Judy Duke property hearing will be scheduled in January, 2002.

A bill list dated November 19th numbering 3098-3135, PLGIT 146 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board.

With no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager