February 19, 2002

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Tuesday, February 19, 2002. All members, Mr. Patten and Ms. Howley were present and the minutes approved as submitted.

Township Manager, Kathy Howley reported the following:

Philip Harvey has submitted a zoning hearing board request to operate a business out of his home until sometime in the Fall when he office building construction will be complete.

Have received a very good response to the township yard sale idea. Therefore, we will be having it on May 4th at the township building in conjunction with Clean Up Day. This will be advertised in the newsletter and a committee will be formed to get advertising out and coordinate the event.

Chadds Ford Knoll has sent a letter to the township requesting speed humps on Constitution Drive. Dave Allen will get more information on this and report at the March 4th meeting. It was noted that at least 80% of the residents must show support for this before we will consider putting them in.

David Patten did talk to Mrs. Sullivan (Courts at Longwood) and told her he is still trying to get the escrow released for the tree work done.

The County has banned outside burning until the drought has been lifted. The township will not pass an ordinance banning burning but will support all other efforts to decrease outside burning.

Attended Emergency Management meeting on terrorism held Sat. Feb. 16th in Exton. The meeting was very informative and approximately 100 people attended. There will be another one offered in Kennett on March 30th . Reese Reynolds and Jim Sears are scheduled for this session.

The State Police issued a letter regarding a citizen police academy for residents being held on Wed. evenings starting April 10th. Application can be obtained from Rep. Chris Ross and Senator Bell's office. This will be advertised in the newsletter.

Roadmaster Dave Allen reported the Co-op will be opening bids for stone, oil and line painting tomorrow. The road crew chipped 93 Christmas trees and finished painting the windows in the Harris Room and landscaping outside. The weather has been good so they have done some skin patching. The Spring road inspection is scheduled for April 20th at 8 a.m. Larry Anderson asked how we space speed limit signs and commented about a dead tree hanging over Brintons Bridge Road near Pocopson Rd. Dave Allen will inspect the tree and if deemed a hazard, the property owner will be notified.

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February 19, 2002

Emergency Management - Reese Reynolds and Jim Sears were present. They recently had a planning meeting and will put in writing what needs to be done. They need more volunteers to accomplish their goals. Reese and Bob Updegrave will be attending a seminar on flooding in Reading, PA later this week.

SECCRA - Bill Stulken was present and gave an overview of the landfill operation in London Grove Township. They would like to expand their operations and are planning for this. The present operation will be at capacity by 2009. Their next phase will be south of the present operation. They have filed for a permit but have been rejected by DEP. They must file not more than 5 years before operating. The present plan will cover operating for the next 50 years. Execelon has approached SECCRA to discuss green renewal energy. The tipping fee is $45/ton. 49 acres are being used for the landfill now. They are permitted for 80 acres but own 180 acres.

The Board approved support for the PA 52 & 100 Byway program. This will be put in writing to the Pennsbury Land Trust.

A resolution was signed by the Board adopting the Pennsbury Park Master Site Plan.

An extension agreement for Hillhurst was approved and signed by the Board.

The amendment to the Declaration of Restrictions for the Hankinson property was signed by the Board. This allows for a driveway off of Brintons Bridge Road to be changed to Pocopson Road.

Mr. Patten will draw up the deed of dedication for the open space in the Ridge at Chadds Ford. The township will own the property and the Pennsbury Land Trust holds the easement.

Mrs. Ralph commented the horse "Banjo" owned by the Kissell's on Hickory Hill Road had died. Many travelers along this road knew Banjo and enjoyed seeing him sitting on the fence rail. A sympathy card will be sent to the Kissell's.

A bill list dated February 19, 2002 numbering 3323-3365 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board. With no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager