March 4, 2002

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, March 4, 2002. All members and Ms. Howley were present and the minutes approved as submitted.

Roadmaster Dave Allen reported the following:

Conducted a traffic study in Chadds Ford Knoll for speed humps and concluded that this is not warranted at this time. The township may revisit this topic at a future date.

Talked to Bill Tritle of PennDot regarding Pocopson Road. The road will be widened this spring and the bridge pass Chandler Road be removed. Mr. Reynolds will contact PennDot about the bridge.

Co-op opened bids for oil, stone and line painting. The lowest bids were awarded to Alpha Space Control (line painting), Wilson Lambert (stone) and Asphalt Industries for road oils and tars- $1.75/gal.

Chadds Ford Elementary School final plan - Brent Detter was present to ask for final approval of the land development plan. The Board again encouraged the school district to supply public water to the site. The township will help in any way possible to make this happen. The tentative cost is $70,000 in an 11 million dollar project. Bill Reynolds will attend the school board's work session on March 7th when they address this issue. The Board approved the final plans with the condition that Anne Walter's comments were incorporated and negotiations with Chester Water Authority continue to move forward.

Steger Gowie - John Rosencrans and Dan Wright were present to submit a revised sketch plan for the site located on Route 1 and Old Baltimore Pike. The size of the renovation has been reduced from approximately 11,000 sf to 9400 sf. The entrance to Route 1 has been closed and they would still need to go to the Zoning Hearing Board for front yard parking and steep slope. If they rent any space it would be to someone like a lawyer. The Board will take no position if they go to the Zoning Hearing Board. They will appear at the March 11th Planning Commission meeting.

Crosslands - a letter from Pennoni was received reviewing the traffic analysis done by URS. It was recommended that an escrow be established for a traffic light and/or left turn lane in case one is needed in the near future or when the project is completed. A copy of the letter was given to Calvin Pickle. We would accept a bond.

Regional Planning Commission Agreement - Alma Forsyth was present to discuss this agreement which the Board has been asked to sign. The Board advised Mrs. Forsyth the Planning Commission should give their recommendation to them before they would

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March 4, 2002

consider it.

It was noted that the courts have rendered a final decision on the YMCA. It is unlikely the township will appeal to the state supreme court. George Brutscher, attorney for the Y has asked for a meeting with the Board before going to land development submission.

The Board will take no position in the Zoning Hearing Board for Philip Harvey which is scheduled for March 19th.

Mr. & Mrs. Anderson who live at the corner of 926 & Brintons Bridge Road inquired about fire hydrant tax bill they just received. The Board explained to them that everyone within a 750 ft radius of the hydrant will also billed $33/yr. They informed them that they may now have access to public water from Phila. Suburban.

Stockford/Cossart Road - A letter was received from Mr. McLaughlin requesting an alteration in this intersection because of speeding traffic. The Board stated the 3 way stop has been installed as requested a year ago but the alteration of the intersection as drawn by Mr. McLaughlin could be a safety hazard and road traffic in this area does not warrant it.

Ms. Howley reported that Planning Commission members maybe compensated because of the passage of Act 2 effective June 1, 2002. The township newsletter has been sent out. The draft of the township audit was reviewed by the Board and they have agreed to sign disbursement checks for $2000 and above.

Rusty Drumheller reported he did send Ted Davis a violation notice and the next step will be to file a citation with the district court.

Matt Houtman reported the following:

Gave Dave Allen a plan for the curbing on Stirling Way and Lamp Post

Talked to Don McKay and he said he will take care of the ponding that is occurring in Ponds Edge. The escrow the township is holding is due to be returned to him.

Hamorton Woods - will allow the land disturbance permit to be processed for the continuation of a berm along Route 1. Will put this in letter form to them.

A bill list dated March 4, 2002 numbering 3359-3389, State Fund #159 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board. With no further business the meeting adjourned at 10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Kathleen Howley, Township Manager