May 6, 2002

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, May 6, 2002. All members were present and the minutes approved as submitted.

Ms. Howley reported that there will be a meeting with Chester Water Auth., school district and supervisors on May 16th at 8 a.m. in the township building to discuss public water to the Chadds Ford Elementary school. She also asked Dave Allen and Matt Houtman to check out the entrance to Sunny Ridge Lane off Rt. 1 by Ms. Duke's property. Ms. Duke claims it is hazardous and should be altered because cars think the old road bed is the entrance to Joshua Way.

Roadmaster Dave Allen reported the following:

CO-OP opened bids for road resurfacing. Lowest bidder was Asphalt Industries at $1.10 s.y. and Gorman Bros. was next at $1.25 s.y. Bid was awarded to Asphalt Industries.

Held a road inspection on April 20th with all three supervisors. Harry Miller intends to retire October of this year. The township has hired Jeffrey Miller as of May 6th to replace Harry.

Waiting to hear from Matt Houtman on figures for the curbing in the Knoll. Would like to recycle road materials on the site for a future garage in the park along Hickory Hill road.

Getting information on a possible ordinance for the repaving of driveways. Driveways are being repaved and destroying the road swales. Will check with other townships.

Will be replacing the dump bed on one of the dump trucks this summer. Would also like to put LED light in at Ponds Edge Drive. Will get information on this. Chipping of brush started today and will be completed this week.

Yard Sale was a success on Saturday with over 50 vendors. We will do this next year.

Code Enforcement Officer Rusty Drumheller reported the following:

Will issue a citation on the property in Hamorton Woods for maintenance. Ted Davis hearing is scheduled for 5/15.

Have not heard from the school district about the correction of the BOCA issues. They cannot proceed until they have conformed with items agreed to.

Have stopped inspections at Courts at Longwood. Ms. Howley reported that she talked to Joe Orsatti who cannot get any cooperation from David D'Agostino on the landscaping issues. Greg Harrison's trees have not been planted. He will get Mr. Patten an estimate for the trees, plant them and bill the township. Township will take the money out of escrow as previously stated. The

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May 6, 2002

developer's agreement expires in October '02. If S&S Development does not satisfy the landscaping issues, the township will use escrow monies to complete the work. MaryAnna Ralph will call Pocopson Township with regard to partnering with them to get this work done.

Susan Myers, Friends of the Library was present to introduce herself to the board and gave a copy of their mission statement. They are a group that has formed in response to individuals not being heard by the Bayard Taylor Library Board. They have a joint meeting scheduled for May 22nd at 7:30 p.m. at the Meeting House in Kennett. Our representative, Don Altmaier will attend.

Penn's Village - Rick Johnson and Jack Becker were present. They told the board they would need a waiver for sewage replacement area since they have no room for a replacement area. Rick Johnson, waste water engineer, expressed his opinion that a replacement area, although called for in our ordinances, is not necessary if other provisions are met and DEP will issue the permit. He gave an explanation of the type of system Mr. Becker will be installing. The supervisors stated they will meet with Matt and discuss this further with him. The Board asked Jack to get the Planning Commission and Matt Houtman's recommendations.

Gables "gate" - the board moved and passed that they would not have Mr. McFadden put up a gate for the exit on Brintons Bridge Road, at this time. They encouraged him to continue to try and minimize the potential for this violation.

Blanton Subdivision - Jeff Blanton reported that he had received conditional approval from the Planning Commission and will be making the changes to the plan. Ms. Howley gave him a copy of a letter from Anne Walters regarding tree types. The Board asked him to show a replacement area on the plan for sewage. He will make the necessary changes and come back to the board with a final plan for approvals.

Kevin Romesser, boy scout, was present with his father as a requirement for his merit badge.

Rt. 52 de-designation - The board feels that the support of this request would cause more trucks to use Rt. 926 through our township. Therefore, it was moved and passed that they will take no action on this request.

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May 6, 2002

Parkersville Road & 926 project - is nearly complete. Signage and hydro seeding is to be done. PennDot negotiated a settlement with the Cutlers. Trees and shrubs will be planted in the Fall because of the drought. Chris Ross initiated a request for a 4 way stop at this intersection. The township will write a letter to PennDot requesting this. Larry Anderson reported that Anne Walters has made a recommendation to the township regarding the tree ordinance. This will also be reviewed by the Planning Commission for their comments.

Crosslands - language for the note regarding a left turn lane was agreed to by Mr. Patten and Mr. Halsted. The supervisors stated they want language in the appropriate place to insure that if Crosslands needs a traffic light withing the next 5 years, money from them will be available to fund this. Mr. Patten said he would review this with them.

Dawson plans will be recorded by Mr. Patten when he receives the letter from the county stating the approval of the waiver for the rollback of taxes on the property.

A bill list dated May 6, 2002 numbering 3513-3575 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board.

With no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

Township Manager