May 5, 2003

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, May 5, 2003. All members were present and the minutes approved as submitted.

Open Space Initiative

MaryAnna Ralph gave an update on where we are in information gathering and responses to the public. She stated the township has spoken to resident groups and has asked a consultant, The Ivy Group for a proposal to conduct a phone survey on the ope space issues. This interview would cost $5500 conducted in the next week and the results would be announced on May 27th at 7:30 p.m. in the Pocopson Elementary School. It was noted that professional polling is exempt from PA do not call list. A discussion followed as to the validity of mail vs phone surveys. With no further discussion it was moved and passed to accept the proposal. Mrs. Ralph presented bar graph comparisons of where we fall in terms of the level and amount of taxes we pay compared to surrounding townships. The following was discussed with the board and all present:

Bill Reynolds stated there has been lots of information gathering and rigorous exchanges between residents. We will continue to do this and will make a final decision on June 2nd. The meeting will be held in the Pocopson School cafeteria.

Manager Kathleen Howley stated that Rusty Drumheller would not be in attendance and read his report to the board. The Board would like an update on the status of Courts at Longwood at the next meeting.

Chester County 2020 is sponsoring a housing seminar at West Chester University on June 12th. The Board is to let Ms. Howley know who will attend.

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Mary 5, 2003

The Zoning Hearing Board for the Walls barn conversion could not make a decision because the property has not been subdivided yet. If the property meets all subdivision requirements, the applicant does not have to seek relief to convert the barn. The property is zoned resident and this is permitted.

John Walls, son of Cecil Walls was present and stated the following:

He is upset that the township is letting new owners develop the property. The township assured him that the new owners will not get any special preference and they will have to adhere to the same ordinances that his father would have been subject to. They will also have to take into account the wetlands and steep slope that exists. If there are bog turtles and they are identified as endangered species, the developers will have to adhere to the regulations for this. Environmental issues are important to the township and we will keep track of this.

Bob Updegrave stated he thought the duplication of newspaper articles mailed out to all residents biased the township. They were passed onto the district attorney and also sent to the state ethics commission. The Board commented that there was no intention to shed a poor light on anyone and were simply sharing the articles with residents in case they did not see them in papers. Pat Barron was not a candidate when the articles were written and the township thought they were well written in response to Mr. Barrons newspaper articles.

Jenny Fenton stated she was not happy with the way Mr. Updegrave was conducting his opposition campaign against the township open space initiative and hoped all involved could keep to a higher road in all this.

A bill list dated May 5, 2003 numbering 4377-4405, state fund #176-177 was submitted and approved for payment by the Board. With no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Kathleen Howley, Township Manager