May 19, 2003

The Board of Supervisors of Pennsbury Township held a regular meeting on Monday, May 19, 2003. All members, Mr. Spangler and Ms. Howley were present and the minutes approved as submitted.


Bill Reynolds opened the meeting and introduced Attorney John Spangler who was present to explain the process of passing an ordinance, passing a referendum and the difference between Act 511 and Act 153. Mr. Reynolds also introduced former supervisors and planning commission members present; George Asimos Jr, Bob Mantell, John Herdeg and Len Sherman. The next supervisor's meeting will be June 2nd at 7:30 p.m. at the Pocopson Elementary School cafeteria and the results of the phone survey will be announced by the Ivy Group on May 27th at 7:30 p.m. at the school.

John Spangler gave an explanation of ordinances and referendums and stated that you cannot have both earned income tax and property tax for open space. You must pick one or the other. An ordinance must be passed to enact a tax under Act 511. An ordinance must also be passed before a referendum is held. If a referendum passes, another ordinance must be passed to enact the tax. Once the tax is enacted, it is difficult to overturn. Another ordinance must be passed in order to overturn a tax

Hal Haskell emphasized the fact that any tax must be fair and cover everyone. John Herdeg stated a referendum is not the best course of action. We elect people to make these decisions and we should leave it up to them. Dave Shields from the Brandywine Conservancy reinforced the importance of open space preservation by stating that we can no longer depend on landowner benevolence and must take steps now for providing a fund for this. Water quality is an important element of open space and saving land does save taxes. Sid Brookes made a short presentation how the preservation of open space saves taxes and will improve and ensure water quality and quantity. Bob Mantell stated as a former supervisor the township is well managed and have low taxes.

Manager Kathy Howley reported the following:

Mr. Dambro has submitted a request for a conditional use hearing for the open space design ordinance. This will be advertised for the June 16th meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the township building.

The Planning Commission will be meeting on Wednesday, May 28th at 7:30 p.m.

Barry Levin of the Traffic Safety Committee has agreed to contact the SAVE group and represent the township on their committee.

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May 19, 2003

Township Engineer Matt Houtmann reported the following:

Hillhurst - as builts are being done and dedication of the road should be forthcoming.

Courts at Longwood - putting together a list of items that need to be satisfied before October. Rusty Drumheller stated Matt should contact Pocopson Township to coordinate the completion of this development. Ms. Howley stated we should send a letter to the developer as soon as possible stating items to be completed.

Pennsbury Mill - need to revisit this site and determine what needs to be completed and go over the budget.

Code Enforcement Officer Rusty Drumheller stated the following:

Township doors should arrive by June 2nd.

Proceeding with a court date for the homes in violation of the maintenance ordinance on Deer Path.

Finalizing inspections at Crosslands. The township should be getting ready to come to an agreement regarding the left turn lane off of Rt. 926 before any certificate of occupancies are issued.

Wall property - same two tenants are living in the farmhouse as were there when Mr. Walls owned the property. Am waiting to hear from the Health Department about the sewage concerns.

Temporary signs, section 162.72 have a maximum size of 16 square feet. There is a political sign on John Rosencran's property which violates this requirement. He was told to have the sign removed by 5 p.m. on May 16th. This was not done and I removed the sign today. There are several political signs in violation and we should address this further in our ordinances and how we can enforce them.

A bill list dated May 19th numbering 4406-4445 was submitted and approved by the board. With no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Kathleen Howley

township Manager