Weather Event - Being Prepared

1.  Fill gas tanks of all cars/trucks 2.  Power failures are typical.  Purchase extra supply of batteries to power radi…

ReadyChesCo - Sign Up

ReadyChesCo is used to notify you during a major crisis or emergency, and delivers important emergency alerts; such as weathe…

Earned Income Tax (EIT) Return Due April 15th

Keystone Collects is the Chester County EIT Tax Collector.  EIT Tax Return is due by April 15th.  The quickest way to get y…

Summer Road Work

Roads to be worked on summer, 2019:  Fern Hill, Apple Row, Sapling Dr, Fox Run, Blue Stone Drive and Court, Conestoga Court,…

Township Alert

PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED, especially during the summer and alert your neighbors when you go away.  There have been peop…

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The following books are available at the township building:

2009 Historic Survey 

Land Development and Subdivision Ordinance: $20
Zoning Ordinance: $20

Covers land development and zoning issues.


Comprehensive Plan: $30

Overall view of the township, past, present and future. Contains land maps and historic site information.

Strategic Planning for Open Space Conservation: $20

Planning guide for future land use.

Stormwater Management Ordinance: $10
Route 1 Corridor Study: $20

Presents how Route 1 is being developed and how the township would like to see it developed in the future

Land Use Patterns: $20

Shows how the township is being developed and in what direction this development is going.

Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan: $20

Outlines what type of sewage plans are being used and what the township endorses for development.

YE West Side of the Brandywine (Pamphlet) by Freida McMullan and M.L.: $5

Hughes give a thumbnail history of Pennsbury and how it came to be back in the late 1700's.

Fairville Historic District: $15