Weather Event - Being Prepared

1.  Fill gas tanks of all cars/trucks 2.  Power failures are typical.  Purchase extra supply of batteries to power radi…

ReadyChesCo - Sign Up

ReadyChesCo is used to notify you during a major crisis or emergency, and delivers important emergency alerts; such as weathe…

Earned Income Tax (EIT) Return Due April 15th

Keystone Collects is the Chester County EIT Tax Collector.  EIT Tax Return is due by April 15th.  The quickest way to get y…

Summer Road Work

Roads to be worked on summer, 2019:  Fern Hill, Apple Row, Sapling Dr, Fox Run, Blue Stone Drive and Court, Conestoga Court,…

Township Alert

PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED, especially during the summer and alert your neighbors when you go away.  There have been peop…

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Pennsbury Township Police Coverage

The Pennsylvania State Police Department at the Avondale barracks covers Pennsbury Township.  Please be careful in opening your door to solicitors.  They should have proper identification on them.  Notify the state police at the non emergency number if you have any concerns and do not give your personal information or money/checks.  .  

They can be reached at 610-268-2022(non-emergency), or dial 911 for emergencies.

Smart911 is a free service available to keep you and your family safer.  Provided by Chester Co. Dept. of Emergency Svcs, Smart911 lets You can include you create a private and secure safety profile for our family,m including any information you want 9-1-1 to have during an emergency.  you can include details such as a list of family members, photos, medical notes, pets and emergency contacts.  In an emergency seconds can save lives.  Take a few seconds now to plan ahead at www.smart911.com.

Pennsbury Township Fire & Ambulance

The Longwood Volunteer Fire Company on Rt. 1 at Longwood Gardens covers fires and ambulance in our township.

They can be reached at 610-388-6880, or dial 911 for emergencies.

Additional information is available here: Longwood Fire Company.