Weather Event - Being Prepared

1.  Fill gas tanks of all cars/trucks 2.  Power failures are typical.  Purchase extra supply of batteries to power radi…

ReadyChesCo - Sign Up

ReadyChesCo is used to notify you during a major crisis or emergency, and delivers important emergency alerts; such as weathe…

Earned Income Tax (EIT) Return Due April 15th, Twp extends discount period for property tax to 8/31/20

The township passed a resolution to extend discount period for property tax only to 8/31/2020 and im…

Summer Road Work

Roads to be worked on summer, 2020 (reduced schedule because of COVID 19 virus:  Chandler Road, WaterGlen Circle/Drive- oil/…

Township Alert

PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED, especially during the summer and alert your neighbors when you go away.  There have been peop…

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Pennsbury Townwatch is a volunteer organization, whose purpose is to promote, and assist in providing for the safety of the residents of Pennsbury. Although it is a non-profit Pennsylvania corporation, Townwatch enjoys generous support from both the Township Board of Supervisors and Township Manager, as well as assistance from the Township Road Department in its Road Sign Program. 

Activities of Townwatch are subscribed to by nearly four hundred Township member residents, households, and businesses. A membership drive is held early each year, conducted through a Township-wide mailing.

Over eighty of our members volunteer in our patrol activity. With each patroller serving this activity twice per year (for a total annual time of five hours), we are able to provide at least nine different patrols each week, varying in time of day, location, and duration. Each patroller carries magnetic Townwatch signs on his/her vehicle, and is supplied a patrol kit, including a cell phone for speed-dial access to the State Police.

Although patrol is the core activity of Townwatch, many other support and educational activities have been undertaken during its nearly 25 years of existence. Its Board of Directors (twelve in number) is currently evaluating a list of 26 projects for possible support and funding.

Townwatch welcomes all Pennsbury community support, and encourages both financial and volunteer participation in this important work.

Pennsbury Townwatch web site