Pennsbury Township is a member of the Southeastern Chester County Refuse Authority (SECCRA), which provides recycling service to township residents. Large containers with compartments for newspapers and co-mingled metal, plastic and glass is located near the township building (Single Stream Recycling). . Township residents are welcome to bring materials at any time; however, the dumpsters are usually emptied Monday and Friday mornings.  TV's are accepted at SECCRA for a small fee.  They are located on Route 926 just before Rt. 41 intersection.   If you have any questions about recycling call Chester County Solid Waste Authroity at 610-273-3771 x 228 or visit their website at www.chestercswa.org.  A  video on the proper way to recycle is on their website.  Click on the Green recycling box, hit commercial/institutional recycling (top).  Video is listed in first drop down.    

 Hazardous Household Waste Collections Schedule - 9 AM to 3:00 P.M. SHARP - NO electronics.  

Check calendar of event for annual schedule each year beginning in March.  

The recycling center operates on the honor system. Because it is unattended, it can be used any time. But also because it is unattended, it is more apt to have things included that are not appropriate. If a load is contaminated with unacceptable material, the WHOLE thing is added to the landfill and cannot be recycled. If you take the time to recycle, please follow directions on what can be recycled and how materials are to be prepared.  Please CRUSH/COLLAPSE carbboard boxes before disposing of them. 

Chester County Solid Waste Authority usually has 6 hazardous household waste events throughout the County during the course of a calendar year.  These events are sponsored by Pennsbury Township and listed on our calendar early Spring of each year.  Please NOTE - latex paint is NOT hazardous household waste and can safely be disposed of with your waste hauler.  Abestos, although hazardous, is NOT taken at these quarterly events.

YES - Aluminum beverage cans, rinsed NO - Aluminum foil, pie plates, siding, chair legs
YES - Clean metal food cans NO - Anything metal which is not a food or beverage can such as paint cans, pipe, oil cans.
YES - #1,2, 4, 5, 7 plastics narrow-necked bottles and jars, rinsed and caps removed NO - Anything plastic that is not marked with a #1, 2, 4, 5, -#7, or items such as butter tubs, flower pots, trash cans.  NO plastic grocery bags please.  
YES - Clear, brown or green food beverage containers, rinsed and lids removed, labels need not be removed NO - Anything glass which is not a food or and container such as plate glass, Pyrex, light bulbs, or ceramics
YES - Newspapers (including inserts), magazines, junk mail, catalogs, phone books, flattened cereal boxes without plastic inserts, office and school paper. Stack and bind with twine or bag in brown paper grocery bags. NO - Waxed paper, milk cartons, plastic coated papers, hard cover books.
YES - Cardboard and corrugated boxes, please unfold

DO NOT use synthetic cords or metal to bind or put in PLASTIC BAGS.