Weather Event - Being Prepared

1.  Fill gas tanks of all cars/trucks 2.  Power failures are typical.  Purchase extra supply of batteries to power radios/fl…

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ReadyChesCo is used to notify you during a major crisis or emergency, and delivers important emergency alerts; such as weathe…

Earned Income Tax Provider - Keystone Collections

Keystone Collects is the Chester County EIT Tax Collector.  EIT Tax …

Summer Road Work

Roads to be Oil/Chipped/Fog Sealed starting summer 2024 - Chaddbury Lane, Shadow Lane, Sparrowhawk, Spindle Lane, Hillspri…

Township Alert

PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED, especially during the summer and alert your neighbors when you go away.  There have been peopl…

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The Emergency Management Team in Pennsbury is made up of volunteers, each trained in one or more areas of activity which could be called into action by an emergency in our Township.

According to Title 35 of the PA Statutes each municipality maintains an Emergency Management function headed by a township appointed Emergency Management Coordinator.  Pennsbury Township is charged with the responsibility of managing any emergency which occurs within its borders.  While Chester County, (CCDES) the state of Pennsylvania (PEMA) and the Federal Government (FEMA) can all provide assistance at such a time, they only do so upon request and after Pennsbury Township has exhausted its resources.

Our Emergency Management Group reports to our Board of Supervisors through our Emergency Management Coordinator. Its members can provide the Supervisors, and the community, with a broad variety of services any one of which, or all of which may be called upon during an emergency. Included in those services are communications to and from township, County;  public information; coordination and support of Township Road Department activities; transportation of large numbers of Township residents; establishment of mass care centers (shelter and food); collection of damage assessment information; and maintaining an inventory of Pennsbury residents with either special skills or special needs.

All of our emergency management volunteers are cross-trained.  The protocol, sequence of actions, and contacts for each are detailed in the Pennsbury Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).  This plan assures continuity of our response, even though some of our members may not be available during a given event.  Emergency Management Coordinator is Michael Pisano. 


Declaration of Diaster Emergency - March 17, 2020 - Coronavirus - Declaration lifted May 19, 2021